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Eighty years ago, a huge surge of relief as Chamberlain announces one final attempt to negotiate a solution to the Czech crisis ("a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing") as the Soviets free their hands in the East

The hopes raised by Neville Chamberlain’s flight to visit Hitler at Berchtesgaden that there would be a negotiated settlement to thee Czech crisis began to fade rapidly. Hitler met Chamberlain again for a bilateral conference at Bad Godesberg on the Rhine which was supposed to find an equitable solution to the Sudeten problem which could then be put to the Czech government. The meeting ended with no such agreement being announced. The Czech army mobilized which was taken as a sign that Germany launch a military attack imminently, probably triggering an all-out war in Europe. Chamberlain’s personal civil service adviser Sir Horace Wilson flew to Berlin to speak to the F├╝hrer . The public explanation for Wilson’s mission pointed towards war. It was given out that he was going to restate British support for Czechoslovakia with the implication that the German demands following Bad Godesberg were not acceptable. This was only half of Wilson’s task and he was probably the only ma