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Archbishop Exhorts and Baby Panda Palls

A Scolding Archbishop and a Talking Mongoose


The Ex-King Leaves the Country into Exile and Idleness

Confidential Briefing Silences Potential Tory Critics

Edward VIII Decided to Abdicate but Baldwin Soothed the Nation's Hurt

Baldwin Forces the Pace of Abdication

Britain's Most Lethal Air Crash

Baldwin Makes a Last Ditch Visit to Fort Belvedere

Mysterious but Suggestive Journey to Cannes

If the abdication happened today...........

Mrs. Simpson's Solicitor Prepares to Fly to Cannes

Glimmer of Hope as Mrs. Simpson Seems Willing to Withdraw

Archepiscopal Visit to Downing Street Sure Sign of Grave Trouble

Ministers Kill the "Two Bills" Plan

Contrived Solution to Remove the Threat that Mrs. Simpson's Divorce Could be Blocked

Front Populaire Assailed from Left and Right

Churchill's Loyalty is the King's Last Card

PM's Statement to Parliament Dashes Hopes of Morganatic Solution

Mrs. Simpson Flees Publicity and the Country

Country Suddenly Plunged into Crisis

End of Press Silence Puts King on Back Foot

The King's Affair Explodes into the Public Domain

The Dominions come Out Against the Morganatic Scheme

Liberal and Conservative Bishops Spar over Coronation Service

Beaverbrook Wants Mrs. Simpson to Abandon the King

Fiery Destruction of Crystal Palace Symbolizes Death of Victorian Certainties and Optimism

Mrs. Simpson Sees an Escape Route

Soviet Contempt for Anti-Comintern Pact

Sputtering Start for the King's Campaign

First Living Giant Panda Leaves China

Cabinet is Finally Summoned to Discuss the King's Affair

Modern Brutality Trumps Quaint Mediaevalism

Churchill Declines to Commit Himself

Germany Aligns with Japan Against the Soviet Union

King's Commitment to Morganatic Scheme Stops Short at Committing Himself on Paper

Sir Stafford Cripps Continues to Try to Align British Policy with Soviet Wishes

Another Failure in Communication between the King and Baldwin

Anti-Jewish Agitation Closes Polish Universities

Unpromising Start for the Idea of a Morganatic Marriage

Minor Economies Fall in Line with UK and US in Drive for Currency Stability

London Gripped by Smog

The King Swallows Idea of a Morganatic Marriage

Soviet Union Grapples with Alliance of Nazis and Trotskyists

English Divorce Law Gives Government a Headache

The Spectre of Modernity Stalks England's Divorce Courts

Behind the scenes: a friend puts an unQueenly thought into Mrs. Simpson's mind

The King Makes a Famous Remark

Behind the Scenes: the King wants to Makes Mrs. Simpson Queen

France's Socialist Interior Minister Hounded to Suicide.

Madrid Becomes the First City to Suffer Massive Air Attack

King and PM Talk at Cross Purposes

Not Only Fascists Targeted by Public Order Bill

The Republic Goes on the Offensive in the Basque Country

Germany Rules the (Inland) Waves

An Unpleasant Surprise for the King

Royal Visit to Home Fleet Huge Success

Behind the Scenes Pressure Builds to Bring the King into Line

Government Wriggles away from its Hard Line towards the Hunger Marchers

Rapturous Reception for Edward VIII at Remembrance Festival in Albert Hall

Government Struggles to Convince Anyone that Rearmament is Being Taken Seriously

The Fuehrer Clarifies German Ethnic Status

The Siege of Madrid Adds Another Phrase to the Lexicon