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Eighty years ago Stalin confronts Eden with his war aims

Eighty years ago the BBC passes a milestone on the path to being a bogeyman for conservatives

Eighty years ago the war becomes global one and, for Hitler, one of extermination

Eighty years ago the war with Japan begins amidst lessons unlearned and ample material for conspiracy theory

Eighty years ago the days of easy German victories in the western desert and the eastern front come to an end

Eighty years ago Churchill is given cause to regret having given a job to an unsuitable hero and the musical chairs of command in the western desert enters another round

Eighty years ago Britain struggles to keep an even keel whilst strategic over-reach begins to bite for the Germans

Eighty years ago Malta proves its worth as an offensive base and the British pay Rommel the compliment of a commando raid intended to eliminate him

Eighty years ago Lindbergh's call for the US to stay out of Europe's war is undercut by the German navy and Detroit isolationists