The Fuehrer Clarifies German Ethnic Status

Monday 9th November 1936

Hitler led the observance of one of the holiest days in the Nazi calendar, the anniversary of the failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. In keeping with tradition, the events began at the Bürgerbräukeller from which the attempted coup had been launched with a speech by the Führer. He told his audience that he had never striven for the love of foreign countries only the respect which is never denied to a brave nation. The world now knew that Germany could not be treated as though a nation of Zulu Kaffirs.

He then led a procession of 3,000 “old fighters” through an alley of 250 pylons topped with bowls of flaming pitch to the Feldherrnhalle. Each pylon commemorated a Nazi supposedly killed in the struggle against the Reds. The most solemn moments were devoted to the sixteen Nazi fatalities of the Putsch itself with a sixteen gun salute.


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